bedroom spring cleaning


Anyone cleaning or freshening up their bedroom for spring? I moved states a few months ago and have finally have been feeling like I’m settled in. My bedroom also doubles as my home office so I spend a lot of time there. I’ve noticed some of my work books and papers have creeped onto my nightstand. I am practicing being mindful about keeping my work and sleep space separate. Creating boundaries between my work area and where I rest at night is a key aspect of how I can improve my mental wellness, otherwise seeing physical reminders of work that needs to be done at night sometimes can keep me from sleeping. What things in your bedroom are potentially keeping you from sleeping? Is it time for a spring clean to move them to another space or get rid of it all together? What’s on your nightstand?



I have a hard time sleeping in general, but a distraction is my phone next to me. I'm thinking of getting an alarm clock (maybe those sunset ones) so I can at least see the time/be woken up

Yes the phone is very simulating for so many reasons.  Even it's presence near us may lead to some unrest at night. 


The lamp/alarm clocks that mimic sunrise and sunset can be helpful for some people.  Let me know how it works out. 

My biggest sleeping obstacle is my phone. So I may need to set a rule for myself to keep it out of my room or maybe just set it in my closet, I just need to figure out a reward system for myself to keep me motivated.

Thanks for bringing this up @Nardonejc a very common concern.  


What I have found helpful is to put it on the opposite side of the room so I actually need to get up out of bed and take a few steps just to check it. If having the phone outside of the bedroom is too big of a stretch at the moment perhaps have it a couple of feet away from the bed instead of having it within arms reach. I like to recommend microsteps as the tool for behavior change as it is easier to accomplish than doing a huge step like having it in the closet or outside, your ultimate goal.  Let me know how this works out!