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Better Sleep Conversations


I’m able to fall asleep with relative ease but I wake up around 2:00am every night and have a very hard time falling back asleep. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem? I’d rather not take prescription drugs if possible and melatonin doesn’t wor... 

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Hi everyone, I’m 37 and suffer from frequent nightmares. It’s so upsetting and I lose sleep time when I wake up shaken and need to calm down again. It happens once a week to every other week. I can’t figure out a pattern or trigger. I avoid scary mo... 

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I'm in my 50's and as I've gotten older, I've found it increasingly hard to get a good night's sleep. Not only does it take me a long time to finally fall asleep, but I'll often wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and then I'll li... 

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Anyone cleaning or freshening up their bedroom for spring? I moved states a few months ago and have finally have been feeling like I’m settled in. My bedroom also doubles as my home office so I spend a lot of time there. I’ve noticed some of my work ... 

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Who else is loving all the new sleepwear on Athleta? I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit before I try the calm cool collection. Gushing over the new colors (esp tawny rose)  The nighttime bliss collection is my absolute fav. I am a big fan... 

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Why did no one tell me that I was going to start waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat once I reached my mid-30s (ok, mid-to-late 30s...). It's not cute. For too long I didn't talk about it, but as soon as I brought it u with friends... 

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