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How's your Sleep Hygiene?


Yesterday during our livestream webinar about sleep, we asked you What activities do you do in your bed? It turns out we're not just using the bed for sleep and sex...we're also using our beds for work, hunting for recipes on our phones, playing with our kids and our puppies, too. Using our beds for activities other than sleep and sex are a no-go when it comes to Sleep Hygiene.  


What is Sleep Hygiene? Learn more in my short video Sleep Hygiene 101: 4 Tips to a Better Night's Sleep for strategies on how to keep blue light, snacking, kids, (and puppies!) out of your bed. 


SleepImage1_ATHSleepWeek_196 – 1.jpg



Rate yourself! On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is having a Zoom happy hour in your bed and 10 is setting the room to 67 degrees with a matching PJ set, where to you rank on the Sleep Hygiene spectrum?