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Exhausted during the day, wide awake at bedtime

I feel like during the day I am sooooo tired (literally dozing off tired). Then the second I get to bed to sleep, I’m wide awake. Does this happen to anyone else? I sometimes let myself nap during the day because that’s the only time I can actually get rest. I almost feel like my clock is opposite, day is night and night is day. I have some nights where I sleep fine but majority of the time I sleep between 2-3am (and as you can guess, I sleep in until 1pm weekends). Any suggestions to get my body clock on a normal schedule?


I am the same way! Except on the weekend I still wake up by 9.  I tend to nap for 30 at lunch time, and sometimes if I am able to, I sleep after work for hours... but even when I don't sleep after work, I still can't fall asleep.  My internal clock is all over the place. I think I am going to have to start using some melatonin or something... I feel you!!!!!

Omg yes! Its like naps have nothing to do with whether I can sleep or not at night! Its so annoying because I want to rest at night, but my body won’t do it!




Yes you are not alone.  In general people who tend to feel sleepy after midnight can have a condition called delayed sleep phase syndrome where one's circadian rhythm is shifted to the early morning.  Treatment for this condition is with bright light in the morning (30 min to 2 hours) and good sleep hygiene (avoid light prior to bedtime). Please talk to a medical professional if this is causing a concern for you. 


Try to wake up and go outside immediately and look into the light for 15 minutes . This will set circadian rhythm.or so it is said!! Good luck

im tired too !!!!


Yes.  For sure this is me too


This maybe a little late but I have been feeling the same. Just exhausted during the day, napping when I can, wide awake at night. My Dr. actually referred me to a sleep specialist to see if I have sleep apnea. That could help to see if it’s more then a routine issue.