A Good Night's Sleep After Playing All Day


We are on Day 4 of 5 Days of Play and I've been having such a great time with you all! When the days all done, where are you resting your head? Tonight, read on my 5 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Sleep Sanctuary 


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After you watch, mark it off your bingo card (download your card here), and then let me know in the video comments what aspects of your bedroom or night time routine help you feel good when going to sleep? Those who comment will be randomly selected to win the giveaway so be sure to check it out!


Have some great sleep tonight and don't forget to check back in tomorrow to end the 5 Days of Play Series with us!


Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm on my phone until the second I close my eyes to sleep, it'll be interesting to try and put my phone down and hour before bed. I like being on my phone because it helps to tire me out, do you have any tips for when your body is tired but you just can't sleep? @Valerie_C 

Thanks for the comment Vanessa. If an hour before your bedtime seems like too much shorten the time. Can you give yourself 15 min of no phone time before bed and then the following week extend it to 30 min? Or if that is too much how about using your phone to listen to a sleep story or guided meditation before bed. Technically still using your phone but shielding your eyes from light. As for tips of what to do when your body is tired I would recommend to get curious about why that could be? -is there an upcoming presentation that is on your mind -did you have an extra cup of coffee a little later than usual -is your internal clock not yet ready to fall sleep (aka you are a night owl living a day person’s schedule) There can be multiple reasons why our brains and bodies keep us up at night. Examining your thoughts, feelings and behaviors about sleep may be give a clue about that is going on.

I like to listen to sleep music! It helps quiet my mind so I can fall asleep faster

So good! Do you have a particular genre that helps you relax?

Community Manager
Community Manager

a bath or shower before bedtime always feels like a ritual to help "wash off" my day and get into bed feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Yes bedtime rituals are so helpful as they give our brains and bodies signals to transition to sleep. I am a fan of baths with lavender bath salts.


I absolutely have to shower right before bed! It definitely helps me fall asleep at this point. 

Yes me too! I think it’s ingrained in me from childhood. And also research shows it does promote better sleep. Interesting read I was interviewed for on this topic: https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/will-showering-before-bed-help-you-sleep-48283325/amp