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Getting ready for a new school year can stir up emotions for both you and your daughter. Luckily, we have some tips from Olympic champion Simone Biles on how to help her feel empowered to re-enter the classroom with confidence. Spoiler Alert: These tips are great for you, too. 


  1. Take care of yourself: You can’t be your best without proper self care. 
  2. Be proud at every step: Don’t wait for the finish line to take pride in your accomplishments. 
  3. Show your true feelings: You don’t have to pretend everything is fine. 
  4. Find your cheerleaders: Surround yourself with people who celebrate your success. 
  5. Blow your own mind: Aim to surprise yourself and redefine your personal best. 

Share these tips from the GOAT herself with your daughter and help her feel empowered to take on whatever this year throws at her. With you at her side, her potential is limitless. 


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