Getting Back to Me - From a (HAPPY) Empty Nester


My daughters are in their early 20s and are out of the house again (covid brought them back 🙄 LOL). Even though they are leaving, I'm really not sad about it; I'm actually really happy. They are doing great things and I couldn't be prouder. I'm also more of an introvert so them leaving doesn't hit so hard because we can always call/text.


Mostly, I'm so excited to have time with my husband, but also have time with myself. I can't wait to do the things I want to do like sewing and rollerskating, being able to travel, and gardening. Plus, I can find more things I want to do and  am interested in. By far, this is my favorite part of parenting.


But I'm just curious, how do you fill your time? It would be nice to try out a new daily routine that is just about me. I'm not big on exercise, but all ideas are helpful



Hi there @kj36928 thanks so much for chiming in! congrats on your happy empty nest 😁 sewing and gardening sounds so lovely and relaxing. do you have any personal spiritual or wellness practices such as meditation, journaling, astrology, or tarot cards? They are certainly time consuming and are oriented all around YOU. 🌟I meditate and journal in the morning while drinking my tea and it is the most lovely part of my day