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    Super Attractor Discussion: What will you do with it?

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Okay I am SO EXCITED to talk about this month's book!! How far have you gotten in the book? If you haven't had a chance, listen to the first chapter of Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein and catch up on her tips for creating a magical life for yourself.

    I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts -- I was completely tuned in for this one. Gaby provided some great tips like: welcoming positive shifts in energy from the Universe, following a morning practice to sustain good feelings throughout the day, finding the next best feeling rather than solution, and her choose again method.
    I found the Choose Again method really actionable for moments when you feel unaligned. Her 3 Steps to Re-Alignment include:
    1 - Notice The Thoughts. When you’re in negativity or fear, take a step back and ask yourself, How do I feel right now?
    2 - Forgive the Thoughts. Celebrate your desire to shift and thank the negativity for pushing you away from what you don’t want
    3 - Choose Again. What is the best feeling thought you can find in this moment? Guide yourself toward that thought and then thank the Universe for guiding my thoughts to my desires.
    Now let's discuss - how did you feel about the book? Do you feel like Gaby provided tips you can use in your day to day life? Are you open to being intentional and manifesting your desires? What obstacles do you think you may run into?

    Share your thoughts below and see what your fellow book club members got out of Super Attractor!


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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Also tagging book club members @JackieO@bachkovam@Gdrotolo, and @BeccaMG to hear your thoughts on the book! Were you all able to listen on a walk?

    Hi all!! I’m devouring this book and confess I’m listening beyond my walks! I am rewinding frequently to let the words sink in. I find the ‘choose again’ method to be helpful when needing to realign and I also love Gabby’s focus on feeling good and approaching the world with love. We need more of that! Gabby has a good list of blocks that get in the way of being a super attractor and I recognized a few of them in my own thoughts. I’m listening, learning, and implementing. The awareness helps me feel more open. I like it Who else is walking & listening? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    Isn't it so good @KarliNewman! I actually didn't think I would like the book, but Gabby is so grounded and real, that what she says feels so actionable. Reframing our thoughts from solution-based to 'how can I change my feelings' really hit home. It gives hope and control back. I've been listening while on the treadmill at the gym, and when I do chores around the house 😆


    @Vanessa my biggest takeaway is speaking out loud the things I want to attract for my life. "I will be open to new experiences" "Today I will nourish, be kind, and move my body in ways that feel right" "I will not talk negatively about myself". Shifting my mindset has actually been really refreshing and makes every day feel special! I feel a lot more positivity and light...a great book!

    Agreed @NillaMarie - there’s a lot to take away from this book!