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    Audible Collection • 3 min read

    AthletaWell x Audible Walking Book Club FAQs


    Here are some common questions members have about our Walking Book Club. Have others? Comment below.


    What is the Walking Book Club? 

    We’ve partnered with Audible, the leading creator and provider of premium audio storytelling, to offer an exclusive AthletaWell Walking Book Club to fuel your wellbeing. You’ll find amazing books, walking tips, accountability buddies, and fellow club members to connect with.


    How do I participate? 

    At the beginning of each month, we’ll provide a chapter of some of Audible’s best sellers. Listen to the book as you walk and join the Walking Book Club group to discuss your thoughts! During the last week of the month, hop back into the group for the discussion! 


    Do I have to listen the book to be part of the group? 

    No! But we think you’ll have even more fun discussing with fellow members if you do. With that, we’ll discuss broader themes from each book, connect over other relevant books and resources, and share tips. This group is here to support your wellbeing journey through movement alongside fellow members, even if virtually.


    Want to continue the book and unlock access to much more?

    Ready for more content? You can continue listening to this month’s pick and many other titles on Audible. Enjoy two-month free access to books, podcasts, and more—exclusively for AthletaWell members. Redeem at Audible.com/athleta 


    What do I do when my trial ends? 

    If you’re loving your Audible experience once your trial ends, you can join as a subscriber to unlock access to more content including all chapters of our monthly picks. Already have the book or another way to listen? That works, too! 


    Can I download the chapters?

    While you can’t download audio, you can listen to the first chapter on demand exclusively on AthletaWell! Listen on the go—any time, anywhere—by downloading the Athleta app and logging into your AthletaWell account.

    Love to listen on the move? Join the Walking Book Club and get your steps in with our monthly pick from Audible.