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We're welcoming summer by celebrating the solstice next Tuesday 6/21! Its's the longest day of the year, so we've got you covered with activities to help you reconnect with your inner light and honor yourself. Join us for a day of meditation, astrolo... 

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Wasn't the summer solstice just lovely!  

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We hope today you're feeling grounded and centered after listing to New! 10-min Guided Walking Meditationwith @Margeaux_H. It was such a lovely walking meditation and we are feeling GREAT walking the rest of this week. As we walk outside, one of the ... 

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I live in New York City, so there definitely is a lot of trash throughout my walk. Actually being mindful & aware of it makes me feel a sense of responsibility to Mother Earth, to at least do my part to help & to tread lightly. 

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Welcome to the second day of the Walk It Out Challenge! How was yesterday's New! 15-min Audio Power Walking with @Chris_F? We had such a nice time and can't wait to walk the rest of this week! Today, we want you to take your walk outside and simply j... 

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In the past I walked with earbuds but since the start of COVID I have been practicing mindfulness so have take regular walks earbud free and it has been wonderful. I notice more things in my neighborhood. Today I enjoyed the amazing colors of spring ... 

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I did some serious reflecting yesterday on International Women's Day. After tuning into the powerful instagram live by Alicia Keys and Simone Biles (with that live performance on the piano!?), listening to the conversation on empowering within (clic... 

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Like Leada_M I am also the daughter of immigrants. I am first generation Canadian Dane. My parents immigrated in 1958. Neither parent went to high school or university, although they both had trades. My father is a butter and cheese maker and my moth... 

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We are so excited to be celebrating women's empowerment with you all on AthletaWell! obé Fitness instructor Lulu S. has brought us four express workouts to empower you in all the things you do. So we have a challenge for you! For the next four days, ... 

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The full body stretch spoke to me the most due to all the stress I’m going through now. It felt great to loosen up the right muscles & to breathe deeply. It’s a great reminder that I need to stretch like this regularly, even daily if possible. 

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