5 Days of Play
Ease into a new routine with a week of challenges, expert content, and exciting giveaways to keep you motivated.

Activity in 5 Days of Play

When it comes to moving our bodies, making it fun and social is a great way to stay consistent and committed. That’s exactly why we’re bringing you this 5-day challenge with new content to get your blood pumping, daily giveaways* to double the excite... 

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I like Barre and Kickboxing. Barre helps me build strong legs, which in turn help me kick stronger. Kickboxing reminds me to let the inner badass out. 

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We are on Day 4 of 5 Days of Play and I've been having such a great time with you all! When the days all done, where are you resting your head? Tonight, read on my 5 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Sleep Sanctuary After you watch, mark it off your bing... 

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I absolutely have to shower right before bed! It definitely helps me fall asleep at this point. 

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Today is Day 2 of 5 Days of Play, and I am so excited to have some fun this week! So, let's whip out your bingo card and mark off my10-min Joyful Flow. This flow is is quick yet calming, to help you be more mindful in your movement. Check it out whil... 

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Right now I’m listening to the Weekend a lot. Reminds me of my favorite 80s songs! 

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I hope you're having a great time this week having fun, moving your body, and taking away some great wellness tips! For today, how about we check off my 15-min Low-Impact Full Body Strength Workout? This high-intensity, low-impact (no jumping) routin... 

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My fave weight training exercise is squats!  

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Water Aerobics is one of my activities in a week! I use my Camo Tankini suit as my favorite gear that keeps me going and confident as the instructor for this activity! The class usually has a good turn out. It is a great way to get a wonderful full b... 

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Join the fun with 5 Days of Play! Download your Bingo Card and check out the daily giveaways, workouts, and wellness tips from our Guides starting Monday 5/16.

Joyful Juicy Flow
with Margaux H.

15min Low-Impact Full Body Strength Workout
with Chris F.

5 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Sleep Sanctuary
with Val C.

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