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    Protein packed Lunches

    Does anyone have a suggestion for quick protein packed lunches - especially post morning workout?  Currently doing turkey or tuna fish sandwiches....any suggestions for alternatives?

    Yoga as a 57 year old

    Hi!I'm Diane, I will be 57 next month, and I am new to AthletaWell.   I started to doing yoga (on youtube) during the pandemic and I have grown to really LOVE it!  I regret not discovering it earlier in my life, but I suppose it's better late than never 😉   My question is about strength.  I practice yoga 4 hours a week and generally rotate between the same 10 online classes (each approx 1 hr in length) with my favorite online instructor.  Although my flexibility has dramatically improved since 2020, it seems that I should be stronger at this point, but I feel sometimes that I am actually weaker.  I  find it challenging to hold certain basic poses (specifically warrior 2 on my left side, as well as standing pigeon pose on my left side).  I have been told that I have bone loss of my left hip and maybe that is contributing to this issue?  I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar?  Or maybe has some advice for me? Thank you!

    Burnout Anyone?

    I'm feeling completely burnt out with all of my responsibilities and I'm struggling to find the energy to do what I love! I MISS reading, going for walks, and grabbing dinner with friends, plus I also want to pick up new hobbies (has anyone tried pottery?!). I never feel like I have enough time and, more importantly, enough energy. What're your hacks for more energy when you are doing it all?! 

    Sleep help

    I’m able to fall asleep with relative ease but I wake up around 2:00am every night and have a very hard time falling back asleep. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem? I’d rather not take prescription drugs if possible and melatonin doesn’t work for me. Many thanks!Elle

    What's been your strangest peri/menopause symptom?

    As a woman's health coach that specializes in midlife and menopause I've heard it all...or I thought I had until I started experiencing what feels like being shocked with a live wire.  It's these little pops that feel like something is zapping my skin.  I feel it most on my neck, shoulders, quads, and back.  And yes it is a real menopause symptom.   Since you're hormones are messengers and they are running a little wonky in perimenopause, it can mess with the messages transited in nervous system and that is explains the pops of electricity.  It doesn't hurt just super annoying.    But I'd love to hear from you  . . . what's been your strangest peri/menopause symptom? 

    Do I have to sweat to get a good workout?

    When I have a busy day, I don't have time to exercise + shower + change. Sometimes it's squeezing a workout before errands or in between taking care of my mom. Are there exercises I can do that are effective without breaking a sweat?

    Solo Trip This Year

    Where are good places to vacation alone? Looking for a generally safe place, that's both fun and relaxing. I'm also a foodie so good local restaurants are a plus!!

    Activities to Do When Newly Retired

    Hello everyone.I retired 2 months ago, and looking for new and excited things to do. I have been trying to keep myself busy and active. I recently bought a house so I've been doing DIY projects to make it a home. I also like to garden, explore my new city, and I do exercises on my Wii or treadmill. I want to get into volunteering, but because of COVID, places have not gotten back to me.Is anyone else retired? What else can I do to keep busy? I want to travel, but I have to be careful because of COVID. 

    Competitive Mind Set gone awry?

    I am hyper competitive. Without my professional sports career (retired 10 year soccer pro- in US and Japan) to funnel my "drive", that mentality can spin out in all sorts of crazy directions.  When I am not well rested and around "like minded", positive people, my batteries drain quickly at my age (51).  I can, for the most part control my "rest", but I can't always control the people. ha!  So, I have to take up my "self care" another notch.  More soaking. Less gossip.More time outdoors. Less time on Netflix.More time breathing and knowing I'm breathing. Less time not breathing scrolling Instagram.More time talking to my kids. Less time "working" while my kids are at home.More time remembering my dreams. Less time living in victim mentality. Hope this inspires your competitive juices to find "healthier" outlets. 

    Wellness Your Way

    Discover your unique path to wellbeing with personalized content, real conversations, and so much more.