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Consider this your personal group chat to get unfiltered answers to any and all questions.

It’s Time for the MAMA LINE 💐 #PowerofMom

You do it all, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. We’re here to remind you that you deserve to be taken care of, too.   This chat is for mothers-to-be, first-time mamas, long-time moms, and anyone else who wants to connect with our members on the topic of motherhood. Share your wins, challenges, and best advice you’ve learned (or received!)    Psst.. Be sure to check out our expert resources to help guide your motherhood journey. More for Mom >

How can I make time for myself and prioritize self-care amidst my busy schedule?

As a newlywed working and attending school, I have struggled to balance my daily responsibilities without feeling completely burnt out. How can I make time for myself and prioritize self-care amidst my busy schedule?

Tennis Stretch Regimen?

Hi all, I've been changing up my gym/yoga routine with time outside on the courts.  Love the fresh air, vitamin d, camaraderie and 'playing' through a workout.  However, the start and stop on the courts is really tightening up my feet and hammies.  Yoga generally takes care of the ham strings, but my feet and toes are still uber tight.  Anyone have any similar issues or fixes for this? 

Parenting Adult Kids

My girls are in their 20s, with the oldest turning 25 next year. They're working adult jobs, dating, traveling etc. I'm trying to build an adult connection with them rather than looking at them as kids so they feel empowered and independent. Any advice on how to transform the the relationship and make it stronger?

Getting started again…

I used to do obstacle races as my end goal to get me moving. The pandemic and working in healthcare made me lose my energy. Intellectually know working out is good for me , but having a hard time motivating myself.

Burnout Anyone?

I'm feeling completely burnt out with all of my responsibilities and I'm struggling to find the energy to do what I love! I MISS reading, going for walks, and grabbing dinner with friends, plus I also want to pick up new hobbies (has anyone tried pottery?!). I never feel like I have enough time and, more importantly, enough energy. What're your hacks for more energy when you are doing it all?! 

Resources for weightlifting

Hey all, I'm new to this space and wondering if anyone has any good (budget-friendly) resources for weightlifting? I used to work out with a trainer at the gym and that got me to the point of a) actually enjoying lifting heavy weights and b) marginally more comfortable going into the weight room/section of gyms. Sadly, I can't afford to work with my trainer anymore and the weight room is still slightly overwhelming for me, so I'm looking for any beginner-friendly weight workout guides, tips, resources (articles, apps, groups, etc.) to help make this transition a bit easier. Thanks for any help 🙂 

Favorite Walking Shoe

Would love some walking shoe recommendations! I currently have the Adidas Questar Flow NXT Shoes but I think they're intended for running. 

Nutrition seems key

I feel like I recently made some progress in beating some menopause symptoms by focusing on good nutrition. Mary Claire Haver, MD has some great videos and tips. I have not read her new book yet, the Galveston Diet.  # Anybody else finds her helpful and has some best practices? What I started so far: - no added sugar- more fiber, for example wheat noodles- more protein and probiotics through yogurt, skyr- adding more nutritious ingredients, for example spinach- avoiding simple carbs, example white bread, white rice- adding more avocados, nuts and chia seeds I feel less hungry and started to enjoy nutritious food much more.